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Sister Acts of Grace

Nicholas Kristof is a writer for the New York Times and, until recently, not a particular friend of faith.  Lately he’s been changing his tune because of Catholic nuns (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/29/opinion/sunday/kristof-we-are-all-nuns.html).   As he has traveled around the world, he says they simply do what Jesus expected all of us to be doing.

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Brother Stan

Every Thursday night we stroll down into the “village” to do our shopping for the week.  It is a collection of side streets and small stores tucked back into a neighborhood like a secret inside this huge city.  As we head out to shop, Aslam, our driver, has trained us to say hello to the proprietors we’ve come to know.  The electrician, the barber (great hair cut and neck/scalp massage for 60 rupees—now if he’d just clean his combs between customers), and the chemist where we buy our really cheap drugs.  Two weeks ago as we were chatting with the pharmacist, I noticed I was leaning against a larger than life-sized poster of a beautiful young woman applying whitening cream to her face.  It felt like far too intimate of a moment with her, so I shuffled off to the other side of the cramped store.

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